From June 21, 2007 until that date, we rent an apartment in sta.mesa mla for 6,500/month without a written contract. we pay our rent monthly, but sometimes not on the exact payment date, which is the 21st day of the month as a down payment. Now we ask the owner to give us until October 31, 2010 to pay for September 21 to September 21, 2010. but the owner does not want to accept it, and she said that as we do not have a written contract, we can evacuate the place immediately and we will go to Barangay because we are forced to leave the place.is, what the owner calls legal and what we will do now. There are no laws that explain the requirements of a letter of application for deportation, unless it is due to an illegitimate inmate. If the case is an illegitimate inmate, the Court`s by-law stipulates that the requirement must be to pay or fulfill the terms of the lease and to evacuate the property. It also provides for the correct mode of service (or meaning) of the letter of application. I bought property in Bacolod under my name fiancenc© in tears 2010 regarding marriage and we got married, in 2012.after 11 months in marriage, the marriage broke down and we broke up. We also got a back seat to settle the real estate issues, as the property has become an absolute common property and a compromise agreement between the two parties who sell the property.

50/50 of the totality, and that we meet the respective obligations and obligations, that have been agreed, as agreed, we both have to sign the title deed, but my problem is that the second party does nothing to sell the property, and neither to get in touch with it will not be provided because she changed her phone number, the only way to contact her is by email, even if she does not respond to what I can do. I have a few interested customers in the property and they accepted the original title of the deeds and also for the sale of the property.but I can`t get in touch with it and so many interested customers were disappointed. Where I`m going or what I can do. Could you advise me? Thank you very much. Good morning, good day. We have a property in Las Pinas rented by Ernesto Macasaet Jr. and we distributed our tenant after almost a year during which, despite several agreements, we did not pay rent. We also sent them a letter of request to pay the rent while they were still living in our house. As me and my family have returned to our mindanao hometown, we find it more prudent that the property leaves because they are not willing to pay. We know that they can afford to pay the rent, because they have a very successful catering activity.

I spoke to them before I chased them away and gave them a month, which, Mr. Macasaet said, was enough time to get around. I asked that they pay the rent, which was close to 80,000.00, but he said he could not afford it because he also needed money for him and his family to move. I accepted because they had been our tenants for so long and they were good payers. We signed an agreement so that before they live the house, they pay the water and electricity bill, leave the key of my aunt, who was their neighbor, and also leave their new address.